Vancouver Police are implementing new, additional public safety measures in specific parts of downtown Vancouver in response to citizen concerns.

“Over the past several weeks, the VPD has received a significant number of messages and emails from residents in Yaletown, and the surrounding area, voicing concern about feeling unsafe in the neighbourhood,” says Constable Tania Visintin, VPD. “To address these concerns, the VPD is implementing several proactive measures to increase safety for all residents.”

Specifically, the VPD will:

  • deploy more police officers on bicycles in the area. These officers will have more flexibility to patrol lane ways and parking lots and be more accessible to all residents,
  • increase patrols in the area by officers already in regular rotation downtown,
  • liaise regularly with staff at new social housing shelters nearby to ensure staff and residents are connected with the public safety resources they need, and
  • continue liaising with mental health outreach teams to ensure proper follow up with high risk individuals.

“We want to ensure all residents downtown feel safe. This requires the proper support from public safety officials, local government and the provincial government,” adds Visintin.

The VPD continues to engage with BC Housing, the City of Vancouver and the management companies running new temporary supportive housing in the area to bring forward concerns expressed to police by residents and to advise all partners of new or emerging public safety issues.