Vancouver – Vancouver Police today released results from the first 11 days of the new neigbourhood response team (NRT). The team was created in response to growing citizen concern about crime in Vancouver and is comprised of police officers and community safety personnel.

“The primary responsibility of the neighborhood response team is to respond to the increasing calls for service regarding street disorder, make proactive patrols in areas with growing street disorder problems, and to engage with residents in the community,” says Constable Tania Visintin, VPD. “Teams have been responding to the ongoing concerns along the Granville Street Corridor, Strathcona, Chinatown and Yaletown neigbourhoods.”

Since the initiative began, officers have responded to 300 calls for service. Thirty-four weapons have been seized.

 Photos and video of seized items 

Some notable files:

  • NRT officers stopped an individual for not wearing his helmet while riding his bike near the Howard Johnson Hotel on Granville Street. Officers queried the bike’s serial number on the police database which revealed the bike was stolen. The bike was returned to its owner by NRT officers.
  • NRT officers stopped a man for trespassing at a fast food restaurant near Granville and Smithe streets. Trespassing in front of the restaurant is an ongoing issue as it interrupts the restaurant’s ability to have maintain line-ups with physical distancing. The man had an outstanding warrant for theft under $5,000. A search revealed two knives, two home-made shanks, a modified sharpened wine crank, a slingshot, scissors, and other improvised weapons. The man was taken to jail with charges recommended.
  • A community safety team member observed a man assault a woman and attempt to steal her purse near Dunsmuir Viaduct and Citadel Parade. The member asked for help over the police radio and NRT officers were able to respond quickly to arrest the man for robbery and for breaching his release order.
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“This new initiative is an immediate measure, but we will also be looking at longer term solutions to ensure we’re doing our part to help ensure people who live in, work in and visit this city feel safe,” adds Constable Visintin.

Police are asking anyone who is the victim of a crime or sees anything suspicious to call 9-1-1.