An employee at a downtown Vancouver convenience store had an unforgettable first week on the job – for all of the wrong reasons.

The 22-year-old female was working by herself in the store in the 900-block of Granville street when a man walked in at about 4:40 a.m. He pulled out a hammer and threatened her with it. The suspect ran off but was located by police. According to police, he was breaching a probation order and had two outstanding warrants. He was placed under arrest.

Less than three hours later, a different suspect walked into the same convenience store and threatened the same employee. The man told her he had a gun and demanded money. When the clerk could not open the register, the suspect ripped off the plexiglass divider, in place due to the pandemic, and jumped over the counter. The victim ran to the bathroom to call police. Police arrived and arrested the suspect. A firearm was not located.

The employee of the store was, understandably, distraught. She was offered assistance from the VPD’s victim services professionals.