Vancouver – Vancouver Police took seven limos and party buses off the road, and recommended thousands of dollars in fines during a weekend safety blitz.

“We always encourage people to plan a ride home when they go out to celebrate, and we trust that people operating limos and party buses will do everything they can to keep people safe,” says Sergeant Steve Addison. “Sadly, many of the vehicles inspected were in appalling shape or were being driven in a dangerous way.”

Officers from VPD’s Traffic Section examined eight vehicles – three party buses and five limousines – on Friday and Saturday night. All but one was taken out of service after officers identified major safety concerns, ranging from inoperable emergency exits and open liquor to broken seatbelts and missing emergency brakes.

In one case, investigators discovered seats being propped up by a two-inch piece of wood.

In another case, officers found 27 teenagers crammed inside a party bus with a dance floor. The bus had been hired to take the teens downtown for a 17-year-old’s birthday party. VPD officers are now recommending 27 counts of failing to provide a chaperone for passengers under 19, allowing open liquor in a vehicle, and operating with too many passengers.

“Everyone using the road gets put in danger when vehicle operators cut corners or flout safety regulations,” adds Sergeant Addison. “Sadly, people who paid good money to have a safe night out were forced to find another way home.”