Vancouver – A Vancouver Police investigation has led to the arrest of a suspected vandal, who is believed to have committed multiple acts of mischief throughout Chinatown.

“We’ve been listening closely to residents and business owners who have concerns about increasing street violence, disorder, and vandalism in Chinatown,” says Sergeant Steve Addison. “While there is no quick-fix, we’ve been working hard investigate crimes and apprehend people responsible for making the community feel less safe.”

The latest arrest comes amid a surge in vandalism throughout the neighbourhood, which has seen a 455 per cent increase in reported graffiti since 2019.

Officers patrolling the neighbourhood arrested the vandal – a man in his 60s – Wednesday afternoon, after he allegedly wrote graffiti on a building near Abbott and West Pender Street, then tagged a sign near Main and Keefer Street. Investigators believe the suspect may be responsible for defacing other properties and landmarks throughout the neighbourhood, and are now investigating further.

The investigation is ongoing and the suspect is expected to appear in court on July 31 to be formally charged.