Vancouver – Vancouver Police responded to a report of a man carrying a rifle entering Lord Byng Secondary this morning. Officers from across the city were quick to respond.

“We immediately dispatched an emergency response to the school, and began searching for a suspect and to determine if anyone was injured,” says VPD Constable Jason Doucette. “Working closely with school staff, we were able to locate a staff member who had carried a vintage rifle into the school, for a presentation.”

At 8:05, a teacher called 911 reporting they saw a man carrying a rifle into the school. VPD locked down the school, with mostly staff inside as students had not yet arrived for classes. During a systematic search, officers located a staff member who confirmed they had a vintage rifle. Based on the initial investigation, officers do not believe the staff member had any criminal intent.

“Today’s incident put our training into action,” says Doucette. “Resources were quickly in place and our team was able to resolve the issue.”

Investigators, including VPD’s School Liaison officers, will continue to work with our partners at the Vancouver School Board to ensure this type of situation is avoided in the future.

VPD officer holding vintage firearm