Vancouver – Vancouver Police are warning the public of a woman who poses a significant public safety risk and are asking anyone who sees her breaching her conditions to call police immediately.

Kayla Kelly, 29, is awaiting trial for three charges, including two counts of assault, and one count of assaulting a police officer. Kelly was also recently arrested for aggravated assault and assault with a weapon related to a serious random stranger assault. She was released by police on an Undertaking  with conditions while investigators continued to collect important information to support the criminal charge.

“Kelly’s behavior has been escalating and she’s the suspect in multiple recent violent incidents,” says Constable Jason Doucette. “Despite the efforts of the VPD and our partner agencies, she remains in the community and her unpredictable behavior puts the public at risk.”

Kelly is 5’5″ and 148 pounds. She has a slim build, long blonde hair, and blue eyes.

While living in the community, Kelly must comply with the following court imposed conditions:

  • Not to be found in the 100 block of East Pender including the lanes
  • Must not possess any weapons, including knives or sharp blades outside of consuming food
  • Not to possess syringes or needles outside her place of residence or a designated safe injection site unless it is capped and in its original sealed manufactured packaging

Anyone who witnesses Kayla Kelly in violation of any of these conditions is asked to call 9-1-1.

*The original release listed Kelly as currently charged with four charges, including assaulting a police officer with a weapon. Although that charge of assaulting a police officer with a weapon was originally recommended, she was charged with assaulting a police officer in that matter. Therefore, she is currently charged with three counts of assault, not four. Apologies for the error.