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Destruction of Fingerprints/Photographs

If you were arrested, fingerprinted, photographed, and charged with an offence in the city of Vancouver which resulted in a non-conviction finding in court (see list below), you can request the identification documents relating to your criminal record history be destroyed.

PLEASE NOTEIf you have been convicted of an offence anywhere in Canada, you will be required to apply for a record suspension. You may obtain the Record Suspension Application Guide by calling the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) at 1-800-874-2652 or by visiting the PBC website.

There are varying waiting periods that must expire before the destruction process can begin:

Stay of Proceedings

one year


three months


three months

Not Guilty

three months


three months

Destruction Request Process

Write a letter addressed to the Criminal Records Unit at the Vancouver Police Department accompanied by a money order, certified cheque, bank draft, or lawyer’s cheque in the amount of $65.10, payable to the City of Vancouver.

The letter should include:

  • your full name (include the name you were arrested under if it is now different)
  • date of birth
  • current address
  • offence you were charged with (to the best of your recollection)
  • date of the offence (to the best of your recollection)
  • court disposition (to the best of your recollection)

The letter and processing fee can be mailed to:

Criminal Records Unit
Vancouver Police Department
3585 Graveley Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V5K 5J5

OR dropped off at one of our Public Service Counters:

  • 2120 Cambie Street
    Open daily 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • 3585 Graveley Street
    Open Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    (closed on statutory holidays)

Each destruction request is looked at on a case-by-case basis and may be denied (see examples of reasons for denial below). There is no legislation in place that requires a police agency to destroy lawfully obtained identification documents.

Once approved by the Vancouver Police Department, the RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) will be contacted to request the destruction of the information in the National Repository.

CCRTIS may deny the request if there are compelling reasons. For further information, including their compelling reasons and appeal process, see their website.

A letter of confirmation will be sent to the requestor once the destruction process has been completed. This process may take up to six months.

Should a request not be granted, the processing fee will be returned to the requestor with a letter advising of the reason for the denial. Please see below for the Vancouver Police Department’s reconsideration process.

What information will be destroyed?

  • all identification documents gathered upon arrest, such as your fingerprints, photographs, and known offender record
  • the criminal record history contained in the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database held at the RCMP National Repository for Vancouver Police charges only

The information compiled as a result of the police incident(s) will remain in our local records management system, subject to retention schedules, and the results of the court proceedings will remain in the court’s database.  Please note that the incident and court information may be disclosed during a police information check process. For further information on these checks, use the link provided or call 604-717-3044.

Please note: If you have non-convictions from other police agencies, separate requests will need to be sent to each agency.

Examples of Reasons for Denial / Non-Compliance

  • The applicant has a criminal conviction(s) - An application for a record suspension may be made to the Parole Board of Canada.

  • The waiting period has not been satisfied - Applicant can re-apply once it has been satisfied.

  • The applicant has outstanding charge(s) before the courts.

  • The offence did not occur in Vancouver – Applicant must contact agency where offence occurred.

  • The applicant has no fingerprints, photographs, or records of disposition on file with the Vancouver Police Department.

  • There are compelling reasons in the public interest to refuse destruction.

  • RCMP's Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) has refused destruction - Applicant can follow the CCRTIS appeal process.

Reconsideration Process

An applicant will be notified in writing if their request for destruction has been denied and provided with the reason for refusal. The applicant has the right to request a review of this decision by submitting a written request. The reconsideration request should include any documentation appropriate to substantiate the position (eg. court transcripts).

The reconsideration request can be mailed to:

Director, Information Management Section
Vancouver Police Department
3585 Graveley Street
Vancouver, BC
V5K 5J5

If further information is required, please contact the supervisor in charge of the Criminal Records Unit at (604) 717-3039 or the Criminal Records Unit staff at (604) 717-3040.



Contact the VPD's Criminal Records Unit

The VPD Criminal Records Unit can be reached at (604) 717-3040 or (604) 717-3042.

Do You Have a Non-Conviction Finding in Another City?

You will be required to make application to each police agency for destruction of identification documents. Each police agency has their own policy for destruction requests. You will need to contact each agency to ascertain what their policy is.

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