2017 Updates: November 8  |  November 7

Vancouver Police homicide investigators are asking for the public’s help in the investigation of the double murder of Dianna Mah-Jones and Richard Jones on September 26.

Detectives are requesting additional information during the timeframe between noon Tuesday, September 26, and noon Wednesday, September 27. If you live in the area bounded by W. 70th Avenue to the south, W. 58th to the north, Oak Street to the east, and Granville to the west, investigators are asking for:

  • any video footage you may have from surveillance, security, or dash-cam cameras, and
  • any discarded property you have seen or located during that timeframe.

“We think the public can play a role in solving this crime. Something as simple as dash-cam footage from a vehicle driving through the area last Tuesday could help with this case,” says Constable Jason Doucette. “We’re asking residents in the area to provide us with a copy of their security footage, and to check their property for discarded items that don’t belong.”

The VPD are also working to piece together victim Richard Jones’ activities for Tuesday, September 26. Anyone who may have spoken with or seen Mr. Jones last Tuesday, or who has video or other information about this case, is asked to call 604-717-2500.