Vancouver Police are investigating more than 60 thefts of a key component of fire suppression equipment and are urging anyone with more information to contact detectives.

Thieves are allegedly stealing standpipe connections, attached to high-rise buildings that would be used by firefighters to feed water to upper floors during a fire. The standpipe connections are being stolen primarily in Downtown Vancouver and the Downtown Eastside.

Investigators believe the connections are being targeted because of their metal component. Without these connections, firefighters cannot properly suppress high-rise fires, which presents a huge public safety concern for both police and Vancouver Fire Rescue Services (VFRS).

“Vancouver Fire Rescue Services is deeply concerned about the theft of metal fire department connections (FDC’s) from buildings. The illegal removal of these puts occupants of the building at high risk,” says Captain Jonathan Gormick, VFRS.

“We believe that there may be additional thefts that have not yet been noticed and reported to police. We encourage anyone who observes a missing connector to call us so we can investigate,” says Sergeant Aaron Roed, VPD.

Building managers and occupants are requested to check their standpipe connections, and call the Vancouver Police if any of the metal fittings are missing. Investigators are asking anyone with information regarding these thefts to call the VPD Property Crime Unit at 604-717-0610 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.