Vancouver Police have arrested and charged 40 suspects this week in relation to commercial break and enter crimes in the city over the past few weeks.

Recommended charges include but are not limited to break and enter, theft, and possession of stolen property. They are with Crown counsel for review.

The VPD’s initiatives to combat property crime are ongoing. Police will continue with an increased presence of patrol members in specific areas and through specialized investigative projects.

“Although overall property crime is down in the city, there was an increase in commercial break and enter incidents once physical distancing measures were put into place,” says Constable Tania Visintin, VPD. “We are targeting offenders committing these crimes through patrol and investigative initiatives and have made good progress.”

The VPD will continue to put proactive and investigative measures in place but are also asking the public and business owners to do their part. Specifically, police are encouraging businesses to implement the following measures to help ensure security:

  1. Move merchandise away from windows and out of view or remove it from the retail space altogether
  2. Use window shutters to minimize damage and reduce visibility
  3. Upgrade locks
  4. Increase outdoor lighting levels to ensure the space around your business is visible and well-lit
  5. Check your business frequently for any signs of forced entry, and report it to police immediately. If surveillance footage exists, please have it ready for officers to review and seize when they attend.

Police are reminding the public to call 9-1-1 if they see a crime in progress or suspicious activity.