In the early morning hours of April 20, a thief left an apartment building with an expensive bike, only to run straight into Vancouver Police officers waiting to arrest him.

Someone watching CCTV security footage saw the man attempting to steal the bike and called police. He had entered the building by prying open the door with a metal pry bar and did the same to several other locked doors as he found his way into the underground parking lot and into the storage room.

If he seemed familiar with the building, it was because security cameras showed that he had broken in and stolen a bike the very same way 24 hours earlier. During their investigation, officers found a flashlight propping open a door – no doubt the thief left it there for his return and a third attempt.

The thief was taken to jail facing possible charges of break-and-enter, possession of a break-in instrument, and failure to comply with his probation order. The apartment residents were unfortunately left with a $5,000 bill for damages and the first bike that was stolen.