Vancouver Police safely detonated a suspected improvised explosive device near Columbia and East Pender streets on Tuesday evening.

Officers spotted what appeared to be fentanyl in plain view inside a car after conducting a traffic stop. While searching the vehicle, they located a suspected improvised explosive device. Specialists with the VPD’s Emergency Response Section were called and worked to safely dispose the improvised explosive device.

“This was excellent work by our frontline patrol officers to identify a dangerous situation and safely secure the area,” says Sergeant Aaron Roed, VPD. “Their actions, along with the response from our highly-trained Emergency Response Section members, ensured no one was injured and the device was destroyed.”

Officers secured the area to protect the public and then used various tools, including a specialized robot to properly disable and dispose of the device.

“From start to finish, this call took several hours for officers as they worked meticulously to protect the public and ensure the safety of their colleagues,” adds Sergeant Roed. “They were able to use specialized tools, like a robot, that limit risk to our members in situations like this.”

A 25-year-old Surrey resident was arrested for unauthorized possession of an explosive device and transported to the Vancouver Jail. He has been released with no charges at this time. However, the investigation is ongoing.