Vancouver – A man who allegedly stole 47 pairs of yoga pants from a Robson Street retailer on Friday has been re-arrested by Vancouver Police, after committing another expensive theft just two days after his release.

“People who live and work in the downtown core are telling us they’re fed up with chronic thieves and vandals targeting their neighbourhoods,” says Sergeant Steve Addison. “We hear their frustration loud and clear, which is why we’ve stepped up patrols and enforcement throughout the community and are working hard to hold offenders accountable.”

Officers in the West End re-arrested the 44-year-old thief Monday night, after he allegedly stole more than $730 in cosmetics from a department store on Robson Street. The man – who has 103 prior criminal convictions, including 38 for theft – was one of nine people arrested Monday as VPD continues to clampdown on shoplifters in the downtown core. It was the second time he’d been arrested for stealing in less than a week.

“Most of these thefts are being fueled by chronic offenders who are living with complex social needs, including addiction, poverty and mental illness,” adds Sergeant Addison. “Sadly, we’re seeing many of these stolen items sold on the street, often in the Downtown Eastside, for pennies on the dollar.”

VPD officers returned more than $4,000 in stolen merchandise Monday night, and are recommending 14 new criminal charges in connection with the Monday arrests. Officers also seized numerous weapons, including a knife, a replica firearm and a flail, which is a makeshift weapon.