Fact Sheet     |     Examples of Round 9 Charges


I would like to share with you a couple of new developments with the Integrated Riot investigation. We announced a few months back that the Team was downsizing because the bulk of the work was completed and fewer tips were coming in from the public.

We said back then that we will remain committed to holding as many people as possible accountable for their actions on the night of June 15th, 2011.

Well, this morning I am pleased to announce we forwarded another round of charges to Crown. Today, 200 criminal charges were recommended against 50 more rioters.

So far we have delivered 872 charges against 275 rioters.

The second announcement I would like to tell you about involves the arrest of our most elusive rioter, IRIT #1.

You will recall an incident we shared with you back in January where a Good Samaritan squared off against an angry mob during the night of the Stanley Cup Hockey Riot. While trying to protect a department store from having its windows smashed and its store looted, Robert Mackay was swarmed, beaten and knocked to the ground by up to 15 rioters.

We showed you a video of the attack  that outraged everyone who saw it, including investigators. Tips flooded in and we were able to identify, investigate and recommend charges against 14 of the 15 assailants.

After a lot of miles and an investigative team that wouldn’t give up, I’m happy to report that IRIT #1 was arrested at his workplace in Lanigan, Saskatchewan yesterday.

We tracked the final suspect across the country from Manitoba to Newfoundland and finally ended up Saskatchewan.

Yesterday, two IRIT members flew out to Saskatchewan and arrested the 15th and only remaining suspect in Mr. Mackay’s assault. He is in custody and will be flown back to Vancouver later this afternoon escorted by IRIT members.

Jonathan Stephen Mahoney, a 24 year old Newfoundland man will be facing charges for:

  • participating in a riot
  • assault
  • assault with a weapon
  • mischief (two counts)

Our Team continues to be unwavering in our commitment to this investigation because the victims of the riot wouldn’t expect anything less.


In the days following the riot, one man was designated as the Integrated Riot Investigation Team target #1 by investigators. He was allegedly involved in the assault of Robert MacKay, a Good Samaritan trying to stop looters outside of The Bay. His photo became the first one posted on the riot website seeking the public’s help to identify and locate him.

The investigation revealed that the man believed to be IRIT target # 1 was no longer in the Lower Mainland and investigators tracked him to Manitoba, Newfoundland, and eventually Saskatchewan. Once charges were approved by Crown, team members travelled to Lanigan, Saskatchewan, where they arrested him September 25th at his work.

Jonathan Stephen Mahoney, a 24 year old from Conception Harbour, Newfoundland, has been charged with participating in a riot, assault, assault with a weapon and mischief.

Police have now identified and recommended charges on all 15 men that are alleged to have participated in this assault. To date, Crown has approved charges for 13 (two youth, 11 adults).