It has been two years since the June 15th, 2011 Stanley Cup Riot. The VPD has not forgotten the commitment made to the victims and the residents of Vancouver and investigators continue to work very closely with Crown Counsel in putting their best cases forward to the courts.

The last round of charges delivered to Crown on April 19th, 2013, consisted of 34 additional criminal charges recommended against 10 more rioters.

In total, police have recommended 1086 charges against 325 rioters.

The Integrated Riot Investigation Team is expecting to deliver an additional 25 charges to Crown in the coming months for a total of 350 rioters with recommended charges.

In the past year, we have been able to identify seven of the top ten rioters posted on our website in June of 2012. We would like to encourage citizens again to go to our website and help us find remaining unidentified rioters. You will also find updates on the investigation, as they become available.

IRIT investigators continue to monitor charged and/or convicted rioters for their alleged involvement in the Stanley Cup Riot. Twenty-five suspected rioters have been charged with 43 counts of breach.

“It is disappointing to see that some alleged and convicted rioters have made legally binding promises in exchange for lighter sentences and they have chosen to ignore those promises by breaching their release conditions,” says Sergeant Randy Fincham, spokesperson for the Vancouver Police Department.