assault2Vancouver Police are looking for additional witnesses to assist in the investigation of a serious assault that has left a young man with permanent life-altering injuries.

This incident happened at about 2:40 a.m. on October 25th, after a busy Saturday night in the Granville Entertainment Area.

The victim, a 34-year-old man, was making his way home with his wife after a night out with some friends downtown. They walked past two groups of men in front of the Roadhouse Bar, and a pair of limousines parked on Smithe Street — a black Lincoln Town Car limousine and a white Ford Excursion SUV limousine.

assault-victimThe two groups of men were involved in some sort of confrontation over hiring one of the limos, when their attention turned to the victim walking with his wife and who were in no way associated to these men. He was punched in the face and knocked unconscious. When he fell, he struck his head on the concrete causing severe injuries and ultimately brain damage.

Once in hospital, the victim underwent surgery to relieve the pressure in his head, and a portion of brain tissue was removed.

On November 18th, police arrested a suspect at his home in Coquitlam. The 23-year old was released on a promise to appear pending further investigation.

The victim remains in hospital recovering and continues to go through many medical treatments and procedures.assault1

Investigators believe that some of the witnesses to the alleged assault provided first aid and comfort to the victim as he lay on the ground awaiting an ambulance. One of these potential witnesses who police have not been able to speak with was a young woman, described as possibly having a prosthetic leg.

Detectives have not completed their investigation and want to provide the best evidence possible for Crown so those responsible can be held accountable for their actions. They are hoping that witnesses to this attack who have not yet spoken to police, including the woman with the prosthetic and the two limousine drivers, will now come forward. Even the smallest details may help conclude this investigation.

Anyone with information is asked to call the VPD Major Crime Section at (604) 717-2541.