Stolen vehicles can be recovered in many different ways, but rarely does a stranger turn up at your door to return one.

A Vancouver resident woke up one recent morning to see that his car was gone. He called the police about 40 minutes later to make a report.

Later that afternoon, a man knocked on his door. He told the owner that he had seen his friends with the car, who are drug users. He knew they couldn’t afford the car, so believed it must be stolen. The Good Samaritan stated he felt obligated to bring the vehicle back. He looked on the registration papers to find the address and was now returning the car.

The owner was grateful, so when the man asked for $20 for a cab, he gladly handed it over. Once he was on his way, the owner called police to let them know the vehicle had been found.

Investigators believe that the Good Samaritan may not have been so good, and that the trusting owner may have been the victim of a scam. The car has been analyzed for forensic evidence and fingerprints, and police continue to investigate.