YOUTH Community Response UNIT

The VPD's Youth Community Response Unit operates several "cars" and teams that provide services and support to Vancouver youth.

Car 86 – Child Protection

The Car 86 program is a partnership between the Vancouver Police Department and the B.C. Ministry for Children and Family Development. The program deals with child protection issues of infants to 12 years of age. The Car 86 mandate is quite straightforward:

The mandate of Car 86 will be to respond to situations involving domestic disputes and family violence, to child welfare matters where violence is an issue, and to other situations which arise or are referred which, in the opinion of the police / social work team staffing Car 86 at the time, will result in a more effective resolution than could be provided by either the police or the social worker working alone.

Car 86's interdisciplinary team consists of police officers teamed up with social workers. The police department supplies the officer and police equipment,and the Ministry supplies a social worker and office space.

The Car 86 program was first assembled in 1977 to provide an after-hours response between the VPD and the (then) B.C. Ministry of Social Services and Housing. It is one of the oldest inter-agency collaborations in the world involving police.

The strength of this inter-agency collaboration comes from:

  • our ability to share information between the two agencies
  • the way in which the legislated powers of the police officer and the social worker complement one another

The Car 86 program currently includes:

  • an afternoon shift seven days a week, working an 11-hour 4 days on and 4 days off shift similar to the Patrol Division
  • a dayshift Monday to Thursday, working a 10-hour 4 days on and 3 days off shift

The Car 86 program operates out of the Vancouver After-Hours Office of the Ministry for Children and Family Development on the 3rd floor of 1818 Cornwall St. Workers at the After-Hours Office also answer the provincial Help Line for Children.

Car 87 – Mental Health Car

Car 87, which is not just for youth, teams a Vancouver Police constable with a registered nurse or a registered psychiatric nurse to provide on-site assessments and intervention for people living with mental illness. The nurse and the police officer work as a team in assessing, managing, and deciding about the most appropriate action, which may include referrals for community-based mental health follow-up or emergency intervention.

The Car 87 program is a partnership between the Vancouver Police Department and Vancouver Coastal Health's Access & Assessment Centre's Crisis Response Team (formerly Mental Health Emergency Services). The Car 87 program started on a trial basis in 1978 and was formalized in 1987.

In addition to Car 87, the Access & Assessment Centre operates a telephone crisis line where nurses assist callers in crisis, provide information pertaining to resources and triage situations to the appropriate resources: Car 87, ambulance or police as required.

Car 87 can be reached via the Access & Assessment Centre's 24-hour crisis line at (604) 675-3700 or via 9-1-1.

Yankee 10 – Youth Probation

Yankee 10, formerly Car 278, consists of a youth probation officer and a police officer. Their role is to monitor youth in conflict with the law and enforce bail and probation orders (curfew checks). They also locate and identify high risk youth and liaise with other agencies, such as the Downtown Eastside Youth Activities Society (DEYAS), the Adolescent Street Unit (ASU) and health vans.

Yankee 20 – High Risk Youth / Street Youth Intervention Team

Yankee 20, formerly Car Y177, is an intervention team for high risk / street youth.

High Risk Youth / Street Youth Intervention Team consisting of a B.C. Ministry for Children and Family Development outreach social worker and a VPD police officer, who provide a coordinated response to sexually exploited and at-risk youth between the ages of 12 to 18.

Contact the VPD Youth Community Response Unit

To contact the Youth Community Response Unit, send an email to youthservices@vpd.ca.