Planning, Research & Audit Section

The Planning, Research & Audit Section is a component of the Office of the Chief Constable. The Section consists of a director, two sergeants, an audit manager, three constables, a research and policy advisor, a research assistant, a planning and policy advisor, four planning analysts and an audit assistant.

The responsibilities of the Section include policy development and analysis, program evaluation, strategic planning and research to support the long and short term goals of the Department.


See Accuracy of Statistics / Comparing Data for important information regarding data provided on this website. As well, official crime statistics are typically two to three months behind, as reports of crime undergo a quality control process to ensure they are reported and tabulated correctly.

Research with the VPD

As an organization, the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) appreciates the value of research for policy, planning and strategic operations, and how it can contribute to best practices in the policing realm. In support of that strategic goal, the VPD is continually involved in numerous internal research projects. The VPD also supports the work of academics and graduate students from a variety of universities across North America by providing access to data and other information sources.

Submit a Proposal

Researchers from an accredited college or university wishing to access VPD data must provide a written proposal to the Office of the Chief Constable for approval (see Research Requests - Information Management (PDF) for research policy information).

The proposal should include the following information:

  • title of the study
  • copy of ethics approval from any appropriate Review Boards
  • any consent forms that will be used (if applicable)
  • goal of the study
  • research methodology
  • details of data requested
  • researcher(s) contact information (title / position, phone, fax, email and address)
  • supervisor(s) Contact information (if applicable)
  • timeline of study / expected completion date
  • type of final product

Those interested in pursuing research with the VPD should submit their proposal and an Application for Research (PDF) form to:

ATTENTION: Research Proposal
Office of the Chief Constable
Vancouver Police Department
3585 Graveley Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V5K 5J5

Proposal Assessment

The VPD will assess the proposal for relevance and feasibility in terms of privacy issues. In complicated cases, formal approval for the research may take between six months to one year. This is due to the necessity of conducting privacy and legal risk assessments in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act. Depending on the nature of the information requested, researchers may require an Enhanced Reliability Security Clearance in order to access particular information from the VPD. This process, if required, often takes several months to complete.

If approved, the researcher is expected to provide two bound copies of the research paper to the VPD’s Planning, Research and Audit Section upon completion. Furthermore, if the report (in any form) is to be released publically or to any recipient who may release it publically, the researcher agrees to provide the VPD with a copy of the report 48 hours prior to such release, as well as the location and date of the release. This is intended only to allow the VPD adequate time to review the results and prepare comments if necessary. The VPD would not seek to modify the research in any way.

All research projects that are approved will require the researcher(s) to sign a confidentiality agreement.

For more information, please contact Jennie Gill, Research & Policy Advisor.

Director of Planning, Research & Audit Section

Drazen Manojlovic

Drazen Manojlovic has been in charge of the Planning, Research & Audit Section since 2008.

VPD Regulations & Procedures

A public copy of the VPD's Regulations & Procedures Manual is available.

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